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The best online places to buy discount sailing gear in 2016

If you are new to sailing, you will be astounded by the wide options available. You might be looking for a simple Sailing Cloth and some necessary gear but the multitude of options that are set before you will surely shock you. But the fact still remains that even though every other sailor out there would want to buy all that wonderful sailing gears, the price would also shock you as much. You should have a basic idea of the necessary gear that would take you on your first few sailing trips as an amateur. This necessity is determined by the law and also for safety reasons.
You can decide your sailing gear requirement based the kind of sailing, whether you are sailing alone or in a group. Sailing clothes, first aid kit, life jacket, and flares can be necessary personal gear to be bought on a mandatory note. The crew should have one or more VHF radios and other navigation equipment. Some people resort to second-hand gears in case of costly ones so that one can get it at a good price and good condition.
Sailing Gears Online
Online stores that sell sailing gear are of great help as you do not have to search for stores that sell gears at discount prices. You can easily compare the prices and buy from the stores that have the best discounts and deals. Online reviews of the gears can also help you make your choice of the products. Online Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo can be used to find the stores. Online forums can also prove useful in finding second-hand stuff on sale near your locality.
Here are a few top online stores to find sailing gear:
Nick Gill who started the business in 1980 was an avid sailor and he faced issues getting the right kind of Sailing clothes. The idea of the business was formulated as a part of his Business Studies Project in 1975. They have been successful in producing sealed garments since 1983 and by 1988 they started the production of other sailing kit accessories. The website now has an array of clothing and other sailing equipment that can confer to the need of any kind of sailor. The are the top suppliers to the major race teams in and around the UK.
The products are a result of a complicated team working at the R & D center in Nottingham that was opened in 2008. The company has a clothing and equipment designing team that comprises of real sailors. This ensures that the new products are created from the viewpoint of the sailors to give highly efficient and useful concepts. Gill is the top clothing designer in his business and takes about 18 months to come up with a new product. All products produced by the company is tested in real environments to ensure strength and purpose.
Gill Guarantee is one of the attractive factors which assures that all products come in premium quality and is sold after proper QA. If the product is found delivered defective, they will replace or refund for the goods without any extra charges. Even though the focus still lies on producing Dinghy sailing clothes and accessories, the company has a wide range of products like all kinds of clothing, footwear, eyewear, headwear, harnesses, bags, watches, gloves, tools and bags for men, women, and juniors.
The company Henry Lloyd was founded in a converted Chapel in 1963 in Manchester by Henri Strzelecki MBE. The business enterprise was an outcome of one man's vision and inspiration. The company started with the tagline” Henry Lloyd Suits the world”. In its initial stages, it had gained acknowledgment from the different circumnavigation sailors and also other expeditions. This made them highly popular by 1970s. With over 50 years of experience at manufacturing sailing goods, the company still strives to create better products for the sailors. There are different sailing clothes for offshore, inshore, keelboat, dinghy and even common clothing like shorts, base layer, mid layer, jackets, footwear and other sailing accessories. The Henry Lloyd collection keeps up with the current fashion statement even in their sailing clothes.
Decathlon is a worldwide sports supply store chain that has its branches in every country across the globe. They began as a small sports store in Lille France in 1976. They started their first production unit in Germany in 1986. The water sports brand “Tribord” was launched in 1996. They sell several sailing and other sports goods with over a 1000 products. Since the launch, the aim of the company has been to provide quality sporting goods at the lowest possible prices so that the price of the sporting gear does not stand as a hindrance in the life of any sportsman.
You can find sailing gear like jackets, fleeces, footwear, headwear, salopettes, tops, trousers, life-saving equipment, bags and other dinghy equipment.
Marine Megastore
Sometimes it becomes necessary to buy all goods at a single place but you have your choice with several different brands for different goods. Marine Megastore is an online store run by avid sailors and sportsmen who have their love for the sport and ensure that the goods delivered are in optimal condition. The shop also offers a flat 14-day money back satisfaction guarantee to its customers. There are also deals and discounts hosted on the website. They also have a good customer care service with people who are ready to provide you with expert advice on any products or its valuable reviews. Most products also have reviews by the buyers which will aid in making the right choice. They sell products from all top brand and the category list will sure lure you into buying more of quality goods.
This is yet another place where you can buy sailing gear from different brands. You would want to buy a Gill Performance Hiking Pad( for your son and a good quality Crewsaver 2 5OM Buoyancy Aid life jacket. You can easily buy the goods from several different manufacturers at a single online store and reduce the trouble associated.

The World over, the love for sailing as a sport as increased by several folds and therefore there are many stores online and offline selling quality sailing gears. Make sure that you keep a watch for deals and sales so that you get the required sailing stuff at the best possible price.

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